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How do I clean AMI Essence System?


We don’t advise mixing oils one after the other without using the cleansing agent.

Mixing the essential oils will not give you the truest aroma due to conflict of scent. Some may compliment others however some will not and you don’t want to clog the pipes.
With the steam generator in operation you want to fill 1 pipette or 5ml of the cleansing agent into the dispenser.
Press and hold the button on the column exactly like adding essential oils to the system. Close the doors and allow the cleaning to happen for 10 minutes. This will clean the system and pipework.
Please don’t use the cabin while this is taking place, you’re already clean enough using our shower.
We advise to carry out this cleaning process every time you change to a different oil or once a month if using the same oil as a routine process.

Can I use any other oils with this system?


Stop… You don’t need to look anywhere else when it comes to essential oils – they’re all here

We are not liable for any other essential oils being added to our Patented aromatherapy system. The essential oils that we supply are created specially for our AMI system mixing with steam therefore we do not support any other oils being used as this could be dangerous.

All of our essentials oils have been trialled and tested with the components in Insignia steam generators therefore we are not liable for any other essential oils being used within the system. To be able to sell essences for our purpose you need a cosmetic license set by the E.U. 99% of essences on the market are not totally pure, this means that they are using synthetic and do not have a license. In the event of a failure with the system due to using other essential oils then it will void the warranty on the generator.
Different essential oils use different essence carries with different properties which can and does break down chemical contents of the original constituents.